Servicing and Maintenance

Table Football

Bring your table football machine back to life to make it brand new and start playing again!

Repair services on all brands of foosball tables.

London table football ITSF tables servicing

Service available for all ITSF Official Competition Tables (Garlando, Roberto Sport, Fireball) and other branded tables.

Repair and/or replace worn out and broken parts (bumpers, springs, bent or stiff bars) - full table football servicing available.

Get the correct ITSF official competition balls for your table and increase playability and fun.

Get your old table football playing like new again by requesting a quote.

Arcade Machine

Arcade machines are robust by nature however with time and heavy use by grown adults parts can start to malfunction especially the joystick and buttons which are the most frequent parts to deteriorate over time.

Should any internal wiring become loose overtime (or via transportation) we are able to restore connectivity or replace any malfunctioning wires.

We also stock all other parts from the machine including screen, sound card and speakers and the games system.

Request a quote to restore your arcade machine to brand new to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience again.

Please note we offer this service only for arcade machines provided by the London Games Room.