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Our story

J-P Thompson is a professional Table Football player who created London Table Football Ltd in 2008 which is now a well-established events and rental company that has built up a strong reputation by hiring, servicing, operating and organizing Foosball competitions in the Capital and around the country.

Having serviced and repaired a large number of table footballs in London offices over the years he realized there was no easy point of call for companies to have high quality gaming machines which can be branded or customized to suit their marketing needs. Passionate about all sorts of types of gaming experience including video and table top games, he decided to extend his business with his partner Maria creating the London Games Room. Their objective is to offer companies and households a one stop shop to have the most fun games on the market which can be modified to suit all types of customization, marketing and promotional needs.

Why you should choose us

We are above all players who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the gaming industry and settle for nothing less than the best quality. In a nutshell as geeks we know what we are talking about. Over time we have developed a very strong working relationship with our suppliers, meaning we are always confident to deliver and fulfil our client’s expectations. No surprises!

We take pride in our immaculate customer services record. We have the experience to guide you during the customisation process so you achieve the desired effect for the best value possible. We reply to queries extremely rapidly, keep engaged with the customer until the goods are delivered, installed and being enjoyed.

We know our products from head to toe and we want to provide our customers the best of the best in the market with durable and high quality machines. We are also machine technicians so we can offer you top quality maintenance and servicing should you have any problem to fix.