Get ready to travel back to the 80’s and 90’s by playing your favourite video games tiles on our retro multi-game system arcades. Have lots of fun with a great selection of single and two player games, either in co-operative play or Vs. mode.

Games list:

1 Akanoid
2. Alien Vs Predator
3. Art of Fighting 3
4. Batman
5. Battle of Middway 1943
6. Bombjack twins
7. Cabal
8. Capcom sports club
9. Caveman Ninja
10. Contra
11. D&D: Shadow over Mysteria
12. Double Dragon 2
13. Eco Fighters
14. Final Fight
15. Ghost and Goblins
16. Ghouls n' Ghosts
17. Golden Axe
18. Marvel Vs. Capcom
19. Metal Slug
20. Metal Slug 3
21. Metal Slug X
22. Mortal Kombat 2

23. Pacman
24. Pang
25. Paperboy
26. Puzzle Bubble 2
27. Q-Bert
28. Robocop
29. Rtype 2
31. Rygar
31. Salamander
32. Samurai Showdon 2
33. Shinobi
34. Street Fighter 2 Champions Edition
35. Street Fighter Alpha 3
36. Super Side Kicks - Football Neo Geo
37. The Fatal Fury King of Fighters 98
38. The New Zealand story
39. Track and Field
40. Wind Jammers
41. World Heros 2
42. WWF Wreslefest
43. WWF Wretlemania
44. X Men Vs. Street Fighter

Where to play:


Iconic French table football found in cafes known as “babyfoot”. This table has a very distinct look and style which applies to it. Be ready to pin the ball from start to finish if you want some control on this table. Local rules include: “rateau”, “pissette” and “demi”.

Where to play:


Crafted in Italy, you can’t get more typical than the “al volo” rules which means you are not allowed to stop the ball. It must always be in motion to score a goal. This means the game is incredibly fast paced and it’s all about having lighting reactions.

Where to play:


Made in China this machine is used in most tournaments across Asia. Created about 10 years ago it was designed to be a mixture of “tic tac” style of play (wide side foot) and a “pin” (grove on foot) which make it highly accessible to all styles and player experience.

Where to play:


Constructed in Germany, this is a very well built and fun table to play. As with most European manufacturers this is adapted to a “pin” style of play and with a very grippy and well weighted ball allows for speed and precision at the same time.

Where to play:


Based in Italy this company is one of the oldest manufacturers and the only one to achieve large international sales outside its country of origin. This table is considered to the benchmark foosball in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Romania, Hungary and many more Eastern European countries.

Where to play:


Made in the USA this machine is a true American stereotype for being: “fast and powerful”. Totally adapted for a “tic tac” style of play this table is all about hitting true square lines. The World’s biggest tournament circuit and cash prizes are played on this table.

Where to play: