Foosball Tables

Retro Arcade

(£1 per game or tokens)

- Tokens for small groups "winner stays on".

- Tokens and private hire for large groups bookings.

"Are you Ready?"

Discover who is the best player in your party and enjoy London's new activity bar dedicated to fun loving competitive games on four different professional table football brands used by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Travel back in time and relive your adored memories of playing your favourite video games on our multiple games system retro arcade machines. At London Games Room Arena you are guaranteed to play a lot of games as the large amount of machines available means you won't have to wait long for your next match.

Tokens for individuals and small groups

"Winner Stays On" format applies. Play as much as can with and against friends and new people. “Winner Stays on” simply means If you lose your game you must make way for other players if they are challenging. For Foosball one match equals to one game first to 7 goals and for the arcade 1 credit per person. No hugging the machine, if other people want to play (challenge). That is the magic of "Winner Stays On". Good Game and Good Luck!

Access to different ITSF table Soccer official competition tables depending on venue.
Access to multi game system retro arcade machines with more
than 40 classic titles.

Large group bookings and private hire:

London Games Room Arena offers the best setup in the capital for large groups to organise their own tournaments. Choose the best format for your competition by using our brilliantly simple tournament software which has many different format options: Swiss System, Rounds, Round Robin, Double Elimination, Monster Draw Your Partner, Last Man Standing and Knock Out.

Exclusive use of London Games Room Arena
Access and to play on different ITSF table Soccer offcial competition tables depending on venue.
Access to multi game system retro arcade machines with more
than 40 classic titles.
Free tournament director software for table football competitions - B.O.Y (Bring Your Own) laptop or tablet. Download tournament software here:

Bolt-on: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (please ask for more details)

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Our Machines:

Games list:

1 Akanoid
2 Alien Vs Predator
3 Art of Fighting 3
4 Batman
5 Battle of Middway 1943
6 Bombjack twins
7 Cabal
8 Capcom sports club
9 Caveman Ninja
10 Contra
11 Dongeons and Dragons:
Shadow over Mysteria
12 Double Dragon 2
13 Eco Fighters
14 Final Fight
15 Ghost and Goblins
16 Ghouls n' Ghosts
17 Golden Axe
18 Marvel Vs. Capcom
19 Metal Slug
20 Metal Slug 3
21 Metal Slug X

22 Mortal Kombat 2
23 Pacman
24 Pang
25 Paperboy
26 Puzzle Bubble 2
27 Q-Bert
28 Robocop
29 Rtype 2
31 Rygar
31 Salamander
32 Samurai Showdon 2
33 Shinobi
34 Street Fighter 2 Champions Edition
35 Street Fighter Alpha 3
36 Super Side Kicks - Football Neo Geo
37 The Fatal Fury King of Fighters 98
38 The New Zealand story
39 Track and Field
40 Wind Jammers
41 World Heros 2
42 WWF Wreslefest
43 WWF Wretlemania
44 X Men Vs. Street Fighter